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Bhujia are thin, noodle like strings made of bean flour and gram flour, spiced to perfection with spices like black pepper, mango powder and chili powder. Enjoy straight from the bag or topped on your favorite dishes for added crunch and flavor.

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All In One by Haldiram's gives everyone a wholesome and filling food experience by tasting the blend of all spicy, salted and sweet namkeens altogether in one form. Cornflakes, nuts, raisins and namkeens come together to make your snack time extra delicious with Haldiram's.

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Aloo Bhujia a crunchy aloo snack made from mildly spicy potato and gram flour. This is a healthier alternative to eating potato chips and is a staple part of the snacks selection in any Indian household. Aloo Bhujia can be added to salads or Bhel to make the dish more tasty and tempting.

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Haldirams Bhelpuri is a popular road-side snack. A very tasty chaat item, this puffed rice and potato mix looks great on any menu. Enjoy the authentic taste with Haldiram's Bhelpuri. It is a mild spicy blend of chick peas, puffed rice, sundried potato chips and a tangy chutney.

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Haldirams Plain Bhujia is mildly spicy tepary beans gram flour noodles. Haldiram is India's one of the most popular brands for snacks and Sweets. Haldirams Plain Bhujia is mildly spicy tepary beans gram flour noodles. It is quite popular in India and is eaten with great joy as an evening snack.

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Bombay Mixture is a traditional Indian Snack Containing Spicy Mixture Of Gram Flour Noodles, Gram Pulse, Green Peas And Peanuts. It is one of the well known snack and brand in India. It's commonly served with evening tea time snack and as well as for garnishing the street food chaat dishes.

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Haldiram's Boondi Masala is a tasty snack of spicy, crispy fried gram flour puffs. Haldiram's entire range of Indian snacks, or namkeens, combine quality spices and authentic ingredients for a taste that cannot be substituted. You can put these puffs in white yogurt to enjoy boondi raita. 

haldirams fatafat bhel
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An all-time favorite snack, Haldiram's Fatafat Bhel is a mixture of puffed rice with added spices, peanuts, and sev. Made with a perfect blend of spices, it is a crispy dry snack with a delicious tangy flavor of tamarind.

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Haldiram's Gujarati Mixture is a delicious snack with simple and subtle flavors. This tasty namkeen is non-spicy and made from pure ingredients like peanuts and rice flakes mixed with crispy besan chips which make for a crumbly, delicious snack for everyone.

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Crispy savoury balls stuffed with the finest combination of spices, rich nuts and wholesome besan. A signature Haldiram's recipe, paired with some fresh mint chutney or ketchup, Gol Kachori is the perfect snack for any occasion.

haldiram mathri
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Haldirams Mathri is a authentic namkeen. This classic snack is made with wheat flour and some spices. This is a popular Indian snack that is originated from Rajasthan. It is a kind of flaky biscuit.

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Haldiram Murukku is a savoury snack. It is a deep fried rice based snack. It has an uneven texture and a coil shape that gives it an extra crunch. It is an attractive and simple snack that is crispy, yummy and crunchy.

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