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This compounded mixture is often used in Indian curries and vegetable dishes in many parts of India.[3] It is also used in Thai and Italian cuisine.

The mixture has some beneficial properties[4] and also enhances the taste and flavour of the dish it is added to. Ginger is especially well known for its digestive properties.

Ideally, the paste or masala should be freshly prepared using a grindstone. However, due to scarcity of time and unavailability of a grindstone, people may use a mixer-grinder appliance to prepare the paste. These days, the paste is also available as a readymade preserve in many departmental stores or groceries.

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From tangy soups to sweet chutneys to juices and carbonated drinks, tamarind is a versatile ingredient used to heighten flavor in both sweet and savory dishes. The fruit comes from the tamarind tree and is cocooned inside seed pods. It has a date-like texture and is crushed to make tamarind paste or a less-diluted tamarind concentrate. The fruit can also be extracted from fresh pods or purchased in chunks. It is a culinary staple in the Caribbean, India, Thailand, and Mexico.

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